Resistance Loop Bands

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Our resistance loop bands are great for anyone looking to get into shape. Resistance bands can be used to achieve maximum muscle building or extreme fat burning workouts. These are often used in yoga, pilates, P90x, crossfit, and other similar exercise programs. Loop bands have been used among fitness professionals for decades! Are you suffering from an injury? Our bands are a perfect aid to anyone recovering from a torn mcl, torn acl, or knee replacement. They are needed for isometrics, stabilization exercises, monster walks, lateral walks, goblet squats, mobility improvement, and patella rehab. So no matter what kind of body you’re dreaming of, be sure to include Fitness Answered Resistance Bands in your plan and get on the track to success.

It’s Easier With A Friend

Studies have proven that exercising with a partner can help you stay on track. You’re about to do something positive for your mind and body, why not share that with someone you care about. Help your friends become the best version of themselves, and share this tool with them as well. We are looking forward to you becoming a part of our Fitness Answered Training (F.A.T.) community!

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